Top 10 Montreal Expos Memories: Introduction


Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, a link went around social media from a 1993 Montreal Expos game where Curtis Pride hit a double late in a game for his first Major League hit. Pride, who was born deaf, didn’t hear the crowd but felt the Olympic Stadium turf shaking during a lengthy standing ovation.

It is for many a memory of the Expos they will never forget. I remember watching CFCF Montreal cover that game in my kitchen as an eight year old. I also remember getting my jersey signed by Pride later that year at a meet and greet.

Spring Training is also getting underway in Florida and Arizona this week. It takes on a special meaning this year because of the fact that at the end of March, just days before the start of the regular season in North America (the Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks start the season in Australia earlier) two games will be held between the New York Mets and Toronto Blue Jays at Olympic Stadium.

Those two things brought me a wave of nostalgia and is why I will start naming my top Expos memories. This is not the top moments in Expos history. It is things I actually remember (with some help from Baseball Reference). For reference, I was born in 1985. So there will be no NLDS or NLCS from 1981. Debate is still welcomed, however.

The list will get started later today and will go on with one per day until we hit number one.