Trade Deadline: The Day In The Life Of Canadiens Fans


Because I was at work during the brunt of the Trade Deadline and limited access to TradeCentre, I followed along on my favourite news source: Twitter. I mean, where else can you find news from TSN and Sportsnet together, without having to see James Duthie masterfully kill time?

Well, it also gave a glimpse of a psyche of a Canadiens fan on Trade Deadline day. We will go in chronological order as we go through the day’s events.

Early in the morning, it was the same old, same old. Skepticism the Canadiens would do anything.

Then, rumours started first that the Canadiens were in on Vanek (from Chris Botta) and then that Eller was being shopped – for size. That didn’t sit well with most fans. Panic and confusion started to set in.

Then, it changed a little bit to the acceptance phase.

Then, reality set in. These are the Canadiens we’re talking about. Like they will do anything other than trade for an 18th 7th defenceman. (Note the new name on this tweet, by the way)

Then, a trade! The Canadiens acquired goaltender Devan Dubnyk. That generated panic – about Carey Price.

Then, the big coup de grace. The Canadiens were confirmed as the destination for Thomas Vanek. But, that just increased some panic.

Then, relief – sort of.

Oh yeah. There was also a game. Which the Canadiens won. Against the best team in the league. It turns out, it was a pretty great day.