Montreal Alouettes Pick Eight In CFL Draft


With Scott Flory, Andrew Woodruff and Michael Ola retired or in the National Football League, the Montreal Alouettes needed to shore up their offensive line and they did just that yesterday in the CFL Draft.

The Alouettes selected University of Montreal offensive lineman David Foucault with the fifth overall pick. The Alouettes held the fourth spot but ended up trading the fourth and 13th picks to the Ottawa RedBlacks for the fifth and tenth picks.

Foucault is a risky pick solely because of his NFL opportunities. He has a mini camp invite from the Carolina Panthers but has not yet signed with the team. He is a massive 6’8, 320 lbs and is the first Carabins player taken by the Alouettes in the first round.

Foucault was the only offensive lineman taken by the Alouettes.

10th Pick (2nd Round): Andrew Lue, DB, Queen’s [Notable: OUA 1st Team All-Star 2011,2012,2013]
22nd Pick (3rd Round): Jeffrey Finley, DL, Guelph
31st Pick (4th Round): James Tuck, LB, York
35th Pick (4th Round): Andrew Smith, WR, Manitoba
43rd Pick (5th Round): Nick Boyd, P, Manitoba
49th Pick (6th Round): Jean-Christophe Beaulieu, RB, Sherbrooke
58th Pick (7th Round): MacKenzie Sarro, FB, Calgary

In all, it was a record breaking draft for Quebec universities and Canadian Interuniversity Sport. Of the 58 players drafted, 52 were from the CIS and five were from Simon Fraser, a Canadian school that plays in the NAIA. Of the 52 CIS players a record 21 were from the Quebec conference.

It is a boon to football in Quebec that the Alouettes themselves created. All of the Quebec schools had multiple players drafted which shows the talent that all the schools put out is spread out even though most times the wins and losses are not.

Foucault can ultimately start for the Alouettes this season if he comes to the CFL. It will be interesting to see how long it takes him to play for the Alouettes after he (rightfully so) exhausts all NFL opportunities.