Montreal Alouettes Fire Offensive Coordinator Before First Pre-Season Game


The Montreal Alouettes announced late last night that they have fired offensive coordinator Rick Worman just over a week into training camp and before the team’s first pre-season game on Saturday.

Worman was hired by Alouettes head coach Tom Higgins and according to Herb Zurkowsky of the Montreal Gazette, will be replaced by Ryan Dinwiddie who was the team’s offensive quality control coach and was a former CFL quarterback and played at Boise State. Dinwiddie hasn’t been named offensive coordinator, but will call the plays.

From The Gazette, who also broke the news:

"According to a source, Worman, 50, learned of his dismissal late in the afternoon, following meetings and as he was preparing to go to dinner. The news was delivered to him by Popp, although Higgins was present at the time.The news started circulating throughout the Bishop’s University campus, where the Als opened training camp on June 1, following a short rookie camp. Any players who were unaware at that time learned of Worman’s fate when they convened for evening meetings and film review."

Higgins took all responsibility for the firing of Worman. Again, from The Gazette:

"“There were some things that were happening,” Higgins admitted. “I brought someone in and it didn’t work. We’re talking everything — from chemistry to dealing with the athletes; in meetings, on the field, dealing with any of the people in our organization. It just wasn’t going to work. It became painfully obvious (Monday).“It’s about the team, about doing what’s right. Treating people the way you want to be treated. The negatives outweighed the positives and it just wasn’t going to work.”"

I haven’t written about the Alouettes since Training Camp opened because I thought a CFL work stoppage was imminent. Pre-season games started yesterday but the CBA still has to be ratified which is not as automatic as it may seem. A lot of players have spoken out against the proposed agreement.

The Alouettes are coming off of a season where they fired their head coach after five games. This year, their offensive coordinator was fired before their first pre-season game. If it was a systems issue, why was he hired in the first place?

It will be very interesting to see what happens with the Alouettes this season. Without Anthony Calvillo, Scott Flory and Shea Emry they may be far away from the Marc Trestman era only two seasons from his departure. They have the talent on the field but are the coaches up to the challenge?