Montreal Canadiens Report Cards: George Parros


George Parros was acquired from the Florida Panthers for a draft pick and what was essentially a contract space. He was part of the team’s new philosophy to not get beat up again like they presumably had in a five game series loss to the Ottawa Senators.

STATS: 22 Games | 0 G-1 A = 1 P | 85 PIM | -6 | 26.9% Corsi | -0.3 Point Shares
No Playoff Stats

STORY: Parros was brought to bring toughness to the team. He was lost in the season’s first game when he was brought down to the ice in a fight against Colton Orr and suffered a concussion. He wouldn’t play again until November 1.

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Parros was never expected to be a good player, but people at least thought he could hold his own on a fourth line. That was not the case. This all came to a head against Minnesota in his first game back from injury. He was on the ice for almost five minutes. He was on the ice for zero Montreal shots. He was on the ice for five Wild shots. Three of those went in. The Canadiens lost 4-3.

In 10 of his 22 games, he was not on the ice for a Montreal shot on goal. Not one. He was on the ice for four opponent shots for every Montreal shot. That’s what the Corsi percentage is. Percentage of his team’s shots when he is on the ice at 5-on-5.

Let’s put it this way. Some people thought he helped the Canadiens with his toughness. He had nine fights. He went 3-3-3 according to voting at By every statistical measure except penalty minutes he didn’t help the team.

The team was 4-3-1 in games he fought which looks fine, until you realize those games were mostly against the Islanders, Maple Leafs and Panthers.

With his -0.3 point shares, he was deemed more harmful to the team than any other player who wore a Canadiens jersey including Joonas Nattinen and Martin St. Pierre.

Not much was expected from Parros but he failed even those expectations.

FUTURE: Parros is an unrestricted free-agent and will likely not be retained by the Canadiens. In fact, you have to wonder if any team will go after Parros after he looked to suffer two concussions in fights this year. But no one gets hurts in fights, right? As a fighter in a game going away from fighting, I don’t see how Parros remains in the league to be completely honest.