Montreal Canadiens Report Cards: Travis Moen


Travis Moen was part of the log jam among fourth line players. He played only four playoff games as he was not ready for game action after finishing the season with an injury.

STATS: 65 Games | 2 G-10 A = 12 P | 49 PIM | +2 | 45.7% Corsi | 0.5 Point Shares
PLAYOFFS: 4 games | 0 G-0 A = 0 P | 0 PIM | E | 33.8% Corsi

STORY: Moen seemed to suffer once the Canadiens fourth line changed from a defensive unit to a counter attack unit with Dale Weise and Daniel Briere. In the playoffs, it was apparent that he didn’t have the speed to play with them and it will be interesting where he – like Ryan White and Brandon Prust – fit into this team.

Moen is still a solid defensive player but struggles to get the puck out of his zone and keep it offensively. He also sticks up for his team mates even if it’s not for the best. He suffered a concussion after standing up for Weise being run into the boards in the regular season against Boston. It left the Canadiens with 10 forwards for the remainder of the game.

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In the playoffs, Moen was unable to get anything going. He played in Games 1, 3, 4 and 5 of the Boston series swapping spots with Brandon Prust. He actually played better in his final two games, but eventually sat out when Therrien went with a lineup change.

Moen is someone who is getting older and can use a rest from time to time. In that sense, he works into a role on a rotation basis. However, he was one of the worst regular forwards from any statistical vantage point.

FUTURE: Moen has two years left on his contract and it’s hard to see him fitting into a regular role for the rest of the contract. It looks as though with his contract, he may end up being a rotation player in and out of the lineup.

He had a modified No-Trade clause according to which seemed to expire at the end of this season. A trade might be in the cards for Moen for him to go somewhere he can play more regularly, but regardless, his cap hit won’t make or break this team.

2014-2015: $1,850,000
2015-2016: $1,850,000
2016-2017: Unrestricted Free-Agent