Montreal Alouettes Shuffle Coaching Staff


In changes that were promised last week, the Montreal Alouettes have officially named Ryan Dinwiddie the team’s offensive coordinator while assigning roles to two coaches hired recently.

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In addition to Dinwiddie’s official promotion, Turk Schonert was named receivers coach and Jeff Garcia will replace Dinwiddie was QB coach. Erik Campbell, the team’s receivers coach has been relieved of his duties.

I actually liked the potential that the Alouettes showed against Edmonton last week. This allows each person to grow in their role and have distinct responsibilities as opposed to everybody consulting.

Jeff Garcia | Montreal Alouettes / Rogerio Barbosa

It’s obvious there is still work to do, but give the new coaches some time. No one can turn around everything in two weeks. This new staff is in it for the long haul and I truly think that they can get it going.

The key is to give their quarterbacks a chance. Quick, short passes and using Brendan Whitaker are proven to work and it is what led to their best success on Friday night despite missing Chad Johnson, S.J. Green and Josh Bourke who are significant pieces to the offensive puzzle.

I don’t know whether Schonert will be able to adjust to the CFL game, but Garcia’s track record of working with quarterbacks is well documented and proven. Plus his experience in the Canadian game is invaluable. Nobody other than Anthony Calvillo would have been better suited for the role.

And make no mistake, there will still be some significant group think among the offensive coaching staff. People will give their input. Dinwiddie will probably call the plays, but Tom Higgins, Don Matthews, Schonert and Garcia will be involved in the planning process I can assure you.

Basically, this group was always going to work together. Now they have official roles and responsibilities to go along with their titles. It will be interesting to see how things change in the Alouettes system the more time that this group has together.