How Will The Montreal Alouettes Solve Their QB Puzzle?


The Montreal Alouettes added Jerrod Johnson to their practice roster yesterday, making him the fifth quarterback on the Alouettes roster.

Five quarterbacks is not an issue in itself, however, there are some big decisions that are coming. The Alouettes have Troy Smith who was able to return to practice this week, his fifth on the six-game injured list.

There are questions whether Smith was actually hurt when he went on the list, and that the Alouettes were merely hiding him there. So when that time runs out, they have a decision to make. They will not have four quarterbacks on the active roster so if you leave Johnson on the practice roster, that’s fine but there is still one quarterback to move.

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The practice roster is a place they can put anyone – but the player must accept a significant pay cut if they decide to do that. It puts the Alouettes in a position that they might have to choose which one they want to lose. Personally, I would choose Smith over Alex Brink. Smith has had trouble to adjust, but at least there is more potential in him.

Brink has had several opportunities to play and has not shown very much in his CFL career. I don’t think either will ever become a star but I think Smith has more potential and hasn’t really gotten a chance to succeed given the Alouettes situation the last year since he signed.

The other reality is that Jonathan Crompton has been inconsistent. He has been the best of the Alouettes pivots, but let’s face it, that’s not saying much. I think Crompton is the main guy for now, but by no means has he cemented himself in the position. That, I think is where Johnson comes in.

Johnson spent last year in Marc Trestman’s system in Chicago on the practice squad and has other NFL experience as well. It will be interesting to see how he fits in the future of this team. The Alouettes other quarterback is Tanner Marsh and I think his potential is a good thing to hold on to in this case.

Either way, Tom Higgins, Ryan Dinwiddie, Jeff Garcia and Jim Popp have a decision to make. They don’t have to make it this week before their game with Calgary, but they will soon. It will be interesting to see which direction they go.