Montreal Hosts Canadian Football Hall Of Fame Ceremonies

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Rogério Barbosa – Courtesy Montreal Alouettes

Ben Cahoon was the greatest receiver in Alouettes history. When he retired, he had the most catches in CFL history (that record has since been passed by Geroy Simon).

Cahoon, was undersized for a receiver, but was fearless over the middle and may have perfected the Wes Welker-role in an offence before Welker even came into the NFL. His career that grew alongside that of his quarterback Anthony Calvillo was one of the greatest QB-Receiver tandems professional football has ever seen.

On being a Hall of Famer:

“It’s amazing. It’s something that you never think is possible. You don’t really go to work for this, but when it happens it’s amazing. And it’s good because it forces you to reflect on your career. You have to write a speech and they want you to keep it to five minutes so it forces you to get those memories and decide what you want to talk about.”

Cahoon was asked if, after he retired, he looked at the numbers and was proud of what he accomplished.

“No, I thought about that I should have caught that other one or ‘If only Anthony would have passed me the ball more.’

When asked about one moment that he was proud of in his career, Cahoon didn’t pick out a play or a game.

“I’m most thankful for the relationships that developed. Life-long friendships, ultimate respect from guys who came to work every day. That’s what I think about the most. Obviously, three Grey Cup championships are satisfying but I don’t the wear the rings around so I don’t think about it very much but I do think about the people.”

On the first Grey Cup parade after the 2002 championship:

“It was unbelievable. It was like a dream. Magical. That will be a memory that warms my heart forever.”

On his only career field goal – in overtime – which won the Alouettes a game in 2007 after regular kicker Damon Duval was ejected:

“It should have been easy, but it wasn’t.”

After playing, Cahoon went back to his alma mater at Brigham Young where he was the receivers coach for two seasons. He now sells medical equipment in Salt Lake City, Utah. He said it has been a nice break from coaching – he has been in his bed for a year and a half straight which wasn’t possible as a player or coach – but has been approached by the Alouettes in the past.

With rumours about Anthony Calvillo joining the coaching ranks, Cahoon was asked if he would consider a return to coaching.

“AC and I enjoy each other and love each other and I think we’d work well together but we know each other pretty well so I don’t know if he’d want to work with me. I’ll just say right now, I would like to work with him.”

On seeing his bust:

“I don’t know about the wrinkles. But they did a very nice job.”