TVA Sports Should Broadcast More Montreal Canadiens Games


The Montreal Canadiens should play more games on TVA Sports.

No, we are not being paid by the French-language television giants.

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No, this is not Pierre Karl Peladeau writing this piece, as hard as that may be to believe.

To be honest, I’m not even writing this article because I am a fan of the TVA Sports broadcasts of Habs games, nor do I dislike the production put on by their competitors, RDS.

So, why am I writing this? Well, the other day, I noticed a very interesting trend when it comes to Montreal Canadiens hockey and the channel that claims it is La Destination Hockey #1.

The Habs are undefeated when their game is broadcast by TVA.

With their win on Saturday night at the hands of the Minnesota Wild, the Habs are now 5-0 on that channel. It is a relatively small sample size, yes, but interesting nevertheless.

In order to fully understand this story, one must be informed on the history behind it.

About this time last year, Rogers Media announced that it had signed a 12-year contract with the NHL to become the exclusive broadcaster of hockey games in Canada.

This is significant because Rogers has a partnership with TVA Sports, in which it gives the TVA the French rights to some of its broadcasts.

So when Rogers signed the deal with the NHL, TVA immediately got the rights to Montreal Canadiens games on Wednesday and Saturday nights, taking it away from RDS.

Through five games that have been shown, the Habs have yet to lose a game.

Meanwhile, in the 10 games RDS has produced, the Canadiens are 5-4-1.

Obviously, which channel the game is broadcast on has absolutely no effect on the outcome of the contest, but it is intriguing that Montreal has yet to drop any points on Saturday nights.

RDS will be providing us with coverage of the Montreal-Boston game Thursday night, then it will be back over to TVA to see if the Canadiens can keep the ‘perfect season’ alive against the Philadelphia Flyers.