Top 25 Montreal Sports Moments Of 2014: 10-6

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9. Alex Bilodeau Defends His Gold Medal

Alexandre Bilodeau will rush into any Canadian Olympic fan’s mind when they think of him getting the first gold of the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 or introducing the world to his brother during and after the celebration.

In 2014, there was less of a spotlight on him – perhaps because no man in history has successfully defended a gold medal in moguls. However, there he was in the gold medal position as the last rider to go – another Canadian Mikael Kingsbury. Canada was guaranteed gold no matter what.

Kingsbury did well enough to grab the silver medal and will likely be the gold medal favourite in 2018. Bilodeau, got his second gold medal in as many Olympics and is one of the few Olympic athletes that have lived up to expectations in recent years.

So many times athletes who spend four years dominating their sport come to the Olympics and can’t get it done on that one day. Bilodeau had some bumps along the road (no pun intended) – he was 8th and 3rd after the first two rounds – but was able to deliver his best performance when it mattered most.

Unlike in Vancouver – when I will be able to remember exactly where I was when he won Gold – I don’t remember where I was or what time it was, even. However, Bilodeau defending his gold medal was one of the top achievements by a Montreal-born athlete in 2014.

-Jared Book

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