Top 25 Montreal Sports Moments Of 2014: 5-1

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Guy Rhodes – USA Today Sports

5. Dufour-Lapointe Sisters On Top Of The World

It is a huge occasion when multiple Canadians finish on the podium, never mind when they finish first and second.

We already saw one Canadian 1-2 finish in the men’s moguls but in women’s moguls Canada took it a step further – the medalists were also sisters.

Justine and Chloe Dufour-Lapointe finished first and second in the women’s moguls which was also Canada’s first gold medal of the Olympics. Justine, 19 and Chloe, 22 went up on the podium together while sister Maxime, 25 finished 12th. Maxime wasn’t even sure if she would qualify for the Olympics and get to compete with her sisters.

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The Montreal natives became the darlings of the Olympics early on, doing interviews in English and French and taking the lead from Alexandre Bilodeau’s family in Vancouver. It was a perfect event and one that I have never seen from a Canadian standpoint at the Olympics.

It may have been one of the first events of 2014, but definitely one of the most memorable both in Sochi as Canadians and among Montreal sports as well.

Olympics very rarely work out like you plan. Four years comes down to one day and often times a surprise winner comes out of nowhere and an expecting favourite cannot get the job done.

In Sochi, two sisters fulfilled their dream and surprised the world on their way to historic gold and silver medal performances.

-Jared Book

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